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My Background

Pet photography Boise

Hello and welcome to Unleashed Fur pet photography in Boise, Idaho! I got my start in photography way back in the film days. In 2002 I got a little 5lb chihuahua named Hercules to keep my other chi mix Chuie company. Herc was the goofiest dog I've ever met and I started taking photos of him and everything blossomed from there. His tongue hung out of his mouth for the better part of his life and he was the impetus to my pet photography journey, this is his legacy.  Herc and Chuie were willing participants and I often had to shut the door to my studio to keep one out while taking photos of the other one. I recently adopted a senior chihuahua and still have Dainichi who is now 11 , the other two have crossed over rainbow bridge.

Photography as Communication

Boise pet photography

Companies spend millions on television and print ads because they make us feel. I see pet photography in Boise as an emotional investment for your future when your pet has aged and eventually passes over rainbow bridge. I know that I absolutely get all the feels when I look at photos of my dogs from 10 or 15 years ago. I want people to have photos that make them smile from ear to ear and wag their proverbial tail! 

This is Chuie and he was the happiest dog, loved everyone and was super smiley and sweet.  He is part of the reason I now do dog photography in Boise!

Sharing Stories

Boise pet photographer

Photo are a way to share moments with our friends and family. Remember that one time when our dog jumped in that cow patty and then shook it off on everyone while we were hiking? Do you want to see a photo of it? It was so gross but super hilarious too! Look at this. 

Or remember when we brought our firstborn home and our dog licked his hair into a mowhawk? We live in a time where photos tell the stories of our lives and our pets should be included. 

This photo sums up Dainichi. Needy, nervous and licks a lot.  

Education and work, pet photography in Boise

I have a degree in graphic design with a minor in photography which actually turned into my career. I've been a commercial photographer and have done stock photography since 2006.  

I've been doing pet portraits since 2003. I also enjoy wildlife photography and try to get out for nature walks daily.

You can see my work  by clicking on the Wildlife button below! 


Why should you get a portrait of your pet?

Because who doesn't love showing off photos of your furry kids!